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How to access Eurecom


Other useful information

Emergency phone numbers

Dial the following numbers (toll-free):

  • SAMU (medical emergencies): 15

  • Police emergency: 17

  • Fire-brigade: 18

  • European emergency call: 112

  • To call France in France: 0 + area number + number

  • To call France from abroad: 00 + 33 + number

  • To call abroad: 00 + country exchange number + number

Electric standards

220 Volts – 380 Volts / 50 Hertz

A few tips for a pleasant trouble-free holiday
  • It is always useful to have a little cash on you at all times for little out-of-pocket expenses like taxi fares to the airport, drinks, etc. Taxis do not always accept credit cards.

  • A service charge is included in the price of each item on the menu in any cafe or restaurant as required by French law. In theory, no further tipping is expected, however, it is common to leave anywhere from 1 euro to a couple euros.